A Diamonds and Antwerp collection by Anne Zellien

In the framework of the Diamond Year, which celebrates the 570th anniversary of the diamond trade in Antwerp, the Antwerp diamond industry enlisted Anne Zellien to design an affordable diamond collection with diamonds exclusively from Antwerp.

Ari Epstein, CEO Antwerp World Diamond Centre: “It is an often heard, but incorrect cliché that diamond jewelry is only affordable for ‘the happy few’. With this collection we want to demonstrate that you do not need to spend thousands of euros to own a lovely piece of high-quality diamond jewelry. Through this unique collection, we intend to make Antwerp’s diamonds more accessible for anyone who is fascinated by them.”

Designer Anne Zellien was extremely enthusiastic about the concept: “I grew up in the Antwerp diamond district and have been fascinated by this brilliant product from a young age. There is a good reason that Antwerp has long been known as the most important diamond center in the world, and is internationally renowned for her superior diamond quality and craftsmanship. This is why I am extremely proud of this collection and hope to spark enthusiasm for diamonds in the widest possible audience.”

Anne Zellien is known for her affordable jewelry collections with a positive or personal message. Her jewelry is often purchased as a talisman, and she wanted this to be the focus for this new collection as well. In these hectic times, with its overabundance of information and stimuli, she specifically sought inspiration in nature and the protection of the universe. Stars, moons, angel wings and birds adorned with sparkling diamonds serve as the common thread in this Diamonds & Antwerp collection.

Anne designed an edgy silver collection and an ethereal 18 carat gold collection, always combined with diamonds from Antwerp. With regards to the choice of diamonds, Anne received advice from the leading Antwerp diamond company, the IGC Group.