Mother & Son

Mother and Son.

When Anne Zellien turned 65 last year in May, her son Thomas Lebacq decided he did not want her life’s work to go to waste.
Although he has been working as a sartorial specialist for the past few years, he has previous experience of working with Anne.

But Anne is not thinking of giving up work just yet. On the contrary, she sees her son’s return as an opportunity to focus even more on developing new collections.

Anne, who studied Jewellery Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and also taught there for a while, is very much looking forward to teaching him how to design and supervise the studio.
“Thomas is a very talented musician. He always played the harpsichord very well so I assume he will be able to transfer his sense of colour, rhythm and beauty to the jewels that are made in our studio”, states Anne Zellien.

Anne and Thomas are presenting their second joint men’s collection.
Inspired by the splendid Art Deco era and with a view to optimal wearing comfort the jewels are reduced to their essence.
Due to their sleek design they radiate an austere elegance.

The collection includes cufflinks, rings and bracelets.
Besides the usual materials such as silver, lapis, onyx, malachite and gemstones, and with sustainability in mind, they also used 18k gold for the first time.

Moeder en zoon engels

La forêt

La Forêt.

A vast mysterious forest – so beautiful that your eyes and ears struggle to take it all in – is the theme of Anne’s collection on the occasion of her 65th birthday.

She is attracted by the quiet, dark and profound beauty of the forest.
A multitude of images, inspired by classical music, literature and emotions, appear uninvited in the still of the night and the early morning dawn.

Creating a new collection is always a huge challenge Anne tells us.
She knows what she wants to achieve but converting this into a coherent collection, even after all these years, remains an intense exploratory experience.
In the chaos of her workshop, surrounded by sketches and an abundance of materials, she tries to channel and synthesise the flow of ideas.

In this collection she has opted for all the different shades of green, the colours of wildflowers and insects.
Each piece of jewellery is named after its source of inspiration:
e.g. Anemone, Glade, Dusk, Fern, Wild strawberry, Hyacinth, Daffodil, Dragonfly, Lily of the valley…

The collection consists of approximately 60 items of jewellery – including rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and hair jewellery – made from 18ct gold, silver, precious stones and pearls.


Anne Zellien will be a guest in the foyer of the Antwerp Opera,
Scenographer Bob Verhelst will oversee the presentation,
VRT Presenter and editor Katelijne Boon will provide the introduction.

The opening reception will take place on Thursday 6 October between 17.00 and 22.00 hrs.
Katelijne Boon’s address will take place at 19.00 hrs.

Exhibition Friday 7th and Saturday 8th October between 12.00 and 18.00 hrs

About jewels and paintings.’ A dual exhibition by Anne Zellien & Dirk Vander Eecken.

Anne Zellien and Dirk Vander Eecken first got to know each other in 1975, when they started their respective courses Jewellery Design and Printmaking at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. A year and a half ago they ran into each other again and they have been together since.

The idea for an unusual interdisciplinary dual exhibition, an encounter and dialogue between painting and jewellery, took shape during various discussions in COVID-19 times. Both artists have curious minds, are eager to respond to coincidence and take on challenges.

Anne finds inspiration in her surroundings; in literature, films, historic jewellery, conversations and people she meets. Everything that fascinates her in one way or another finds its way into her work. For this dual exhibition she is creating a new men’s collection, inspired by Dirk’s earlier graphic work and his current painterly colour palette.

Dirk’s recent work has its origins in a collaboration that took place between 2004 and 2008 with the research centre E.M.A.T. (Department of Physics, University of Antwerp) led by Prof. Staf Van Tendeloo. The research centre examines materials by using an electron microscope. Images derived from this are showing similarities with Dirk’s visual work. Thanks to this research, Dirk was in 2008 the first one in Flanders to obtain a PhD in arts.

Dirk’s way of working allows for coincidence and imperfection. Success and failure play an indisputable – and highly casual – role in his approach. Since 2008, his work has evolved from a minimalist structure to a more layered lyrical abstraction. His research further resulted in reflections on materials such as diamond, gold and silver, which in turn translates in points of contact with Anne’s work.

The jewels by Anne Zellien and the paintings by Dirk Vander Eecken are joined in a play of similarities and differences. Both oeuvres reflect each other’s splendour, material studies, colours and layers. At the same time there is an important scale contrast between the two art practices. As such, the works form a complementary narrative, each with their authentic and unique strength.

Anne Zellien Joins Forces With House 8

‘House 8 by Anne Zellien’

Because Each and Every Child Has an Equal Right to Physical and Mental Health Care

Wednesday 17 February, Antwerp – When child and adolescent psychiatrist Ilse Van Loy asked Anne if she wanted to help with a project for the benefit of vzw Huis 8, she didn’t hesitate for a second. The non-profit organization that was founded by Ilse and her husband Peter Van de Veire, offers therapy programmes to young people with fewer opportunities. The result is a collection of jewellery inspired by the logo and the number 8 of the non-profit organization.

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