Anne Zellien Joins Forces With House 8

‘House 8 by Anne Zellien’

Because Each and Every Child Has an Equal Right to Physical and Mental Health Care

Wednesday 17 February, Antwerp – When child and adolescent psychiatrist Ilse Van Loy asked Anne if she wanted to help with a project for the benefit of vzw Huis 8, she didn’t hesitate for a second. The non-profit organization that was founded by Ilse and her husband Peter Van de Veire, offers therapy programmes to young people with fewer opportunities. The result is a collection of jewellery inspired by the logo and the number 8 of the non-profit organization.

The Antwerp-based jewellery designer knows from experience that therapy can be essential to find happiness in life. As a young woman in her thirties, she went into therapy for a few years. Afterwards she felt reborn and so much happier than ever before.

Ilse adds: ‘Each and every child matters, in equal measure. Each child is full of possibilities and can contribute to our society in his or her unique way. Vzw Huis 8 makes emotional and psychological health care accessible to everyone. Because it simply doesn’t feel right to offer one child the much-needed intensive therapy immediately, and refer the other child to a waiting list of months or even years because of insufficient financial means.

 That is why Ilse Van Loy, together with her husband Peter Van de Veire, founded the non-profit organization Huis 8: to offer therapy programmes to young people with fewer opportunities. The non-profit organization financially supports the necessary therapeutic health care for families who are unable to bear the full cost themselves. In practice, this means assistance with individual, family and group therapy treatments.

For the collection ‘House 8 by Anne Zellien’, Anne was inspired by the logo of House 8, which consists of a little house and the number 8. She worked with silver, yellow gold and diamond roses (a cut that she finds much more sensitive than the classic brilliant cut).

The collection consists of a dozen designs, available in both silver and yellow gold. Prices range from 79 euros to 698 euros. ‘House 8 by Anne Zellien’ will be on sale from Saturday 27 February in Anne’s jewellery shop and online store.

Jitske Van de Veire is the face of this campaign. Photographs are by Kim De Molenaar.


Anne Zellien & Ilse Van Loy.