Mother & Son

Mother and Son.

When Anne Zellien turned 65 last year in May, her son Thomas Lebacq decided he did not want her life’s work to go to waste.
Although he has been working as a sartorial specialist for the past few years, he has previous experience of working with Anne.

But Anne is not thinking of giving up work just yet. On the contrary, she sees her son’s return as an opportunity to focus even more on developing new collections.

Anne, who studied Jewellery Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and also taught there for a while, is very much looking forward to teaching him how to design and supervise the studio.
“Thomas is a very talented musician. He always played the harpsichord very well so I assume he will be able to transfer his sense of colour, rhythm and beauty to the jewels that are made in our studio”, states Anne Zellien.

Anne and Thomas are presenting their second joint men’s collection.
Inspired by the splendid Art Deco era and with a view to optimal wearing comfort the jewels are reduced to their essence.
Due to their sleek design they radiate an austere elegance.

The collection includes cufflinks, rings and bracelets.
Besides the usual materials such as silver, lapis, onyx, malachite and gemstones, and with sustainability in mind, they also used 18k gold for the first time.

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